Optimise your storage with a high quality, practical and useable storage system, customised to your individual needs and made right here in New Zealand.

We have a range of cabinet bases that include cupboards, drawers, cube crates and tote trays which enhance your unit, with the upper levels having adjustable shelving, hiding behind the sliding whiteboards.

Product details

  • Price on application
  • Select the sizes you require to make up the overall measurement, keeping this within the 1800, 2400, 3000, 3600 & 4800mm lengths.
  • All units are 2000 high x 400 deep with the interior shelf depth in the top section 290mm. Some of the width sizes may vary depending on your combinations.
  • The cabinet incorporates aluminium framed sliding whiteboards that have Porcelain surface, complete with a forever guarantee. This is a modular system that can be shipped throughout New Zealand, and very easily assembled on site.


Standard Sizes

  • 1800L x 400d x 2000h
    with 2 900×1200 boards
  • 2400L x 400d x 2000h
    with 2 1200×1200 boards
  • 3000L x 400d x 2000h
    with 2 1500×1200 boards
  • 3600L x 400d x 2000h
    with 2 1800×1200 boards
  • 4800L x 400d x 2000h
    with 2 2400×1200 boards

Cabinet Modules 2000 high x 400 deep (see image)

  • A – 800w 4 cube
  • B – 1200w 6 cube
  • C – 900w 3 row tote
  • D – 1200w 4 row tote
  • E – 700w cupboard
  • F – 800w cupboard
  • G – 1200w cupboard
  • H – 700w drawers
  • I  – 800w drawers
  • P – 1200w TV unit
  • Q – 1600w TV unit
  • R – 700w Device left or right
  • S – 700w open shelving
  • T – 800w open shelving
  • U – 1200w open shelving

End units 2000 high x 400 deep (see image)

  • V – 800w Cupboard
  • W – 800w Bookcase

Additional options

  • We can customise these sizes to fit your individual requirements
  • Locks are available on the whiteboards, cupboards & drawers on request

Custom requirements


Option of Pinboard in Bond Fabric instead of whiteboard available.

Option of Vertiface pinboards instead of whiteboard option available.

Porcelain Projection Whiteboards (see image)

  • Upgrade Whiteboards to the new Porcelain Projection whiteboards.
  • This product is ideal for spaces that are exposed to excessive ambient light
  • Porcelain Projection whiteboards are scientifically engineered to reduce glare
  • Whether utilised with short throw, long throw or interactive projectors, Porcelain Projection whiteboards minimises visual stress from anywhere in the room
  • Base (A-I)Amount 
  • ColourAmount 
    Cube box colours available in Clear and Blue.
  • ColourSizeAmount 
    Colours available in Clear, red, blue and grey.

    Sizes available in small and large