Product details

    The study carrel’s have come full circle and are back in the classrooms.

  • When you have a large open Innovative Learning Environment, there are always children who like working on their own with no interruptions. It is always a great option to have a couple of these within these big working spaces.
  • 32mm diameter legs
  • Adjustable leg heights (not available with Locking Castors or 51mm round legs


  • Single 800w x 600d top size x 400h sides
  • Double 1600w x 600d top size x 400h sides
  • 200mm shelf
  • Year 1-2: 560mm high
  • Year 3-4: 625mm high
  • Year 5-6: 685mm high
  • Year 7-8: 725mm high

Custom options

  • Upgrade to heavy duty frame & 51mm round legs
  • Or 4 Locking Castors (not available with Adjustable leg heights)
  • There is an option to remove the middle shelf on this unit.  Please let us know in the Custom Requirements Section if you wish this to be removed.

Colours available

Educated colours

(available at special prices)

Standard colours