We supply a range of Lundia shelving solutions which are easily installed, fully adjustable, demountable and relocatable.

Product details

  • No nuts and bolts required
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Shelves are adjustable at 50mm or 25mm centres


Standard sizes shown below can be assembled in any combination to make up the unit you require.

HeightsShelf LengthsShelf Depths

Clearance Between Upright Frames:

  • The shelf length less 30mm is available for accessing stored items.

Overall Length of Shelving Unit:

  • Open upright type = shelf lengths + 30mm added once.
  • Panelled upright type = shelf lengths + 30mm added once + 5 mm for each panelled upright.

Finishes available

  • Lacquered timber
  • Coloured, painted or stained
  • Flat and display shelves available
  • Natural wood finish

Custom requirements

Please write in the custom requirements the following information:

  • The overall sizes of each unit you are after i.e. 4200mm long x 1829mm high x 292 deep
  • The number of shelves per bay, remembering that the top is also a shelf
  • If there is more than one unit
  • We can work out the number of bays etc required as long as we have the overall measurements.
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  • Please tell us here if you have any custom requirements
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