Chairmats are essential for protecting your carpet from wearing out quickly in the areas where your office chairs are rolling over regularly. These translucent mats are available in two sizes and feature a keyhole shape, allowing space for your chair and feet. The mats also feature grips that ensure they do not curl up at the edges or move around the floor, creating a tripping hazard.

Product details

  • Keyhole-shaped PVC chair mat that is flexible and will protect your carpet from high use wear
  • Clear design ensures it will suit any room interior
  • Suitable for use on any pile thickness of carpet and with underfloor heating
  • Spikes on the underside hold the mat in place
  • Provides the user with ease of movement and helps to reduce strain on your back, knees and legs
  • Guaranteed against cracking



  • Size A: 900 x 1200
  • Size B: 1100 x 1300
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