Our Shoe Holes come in four different sizes and are specifically designed to hold shoes and other smaller student items. They are especially useful in early childhood centres and primary school classrooms.

Product details

  • Four standard sizes available
    • A – 24 holes
    • B – 32 holes
    • C – 24 holes
    • D – 32 holes
  • Plinth base
  • Internal measurement of each cubby hole approximately 275W x 160H x 290D
  • Can be made in Melteca for indoor use or in White Ply for exterior use (suitable for covered deck or verandah)
  • If made in Melteca there is the option to have different colours on the inside and outside of the unit
  • Cubby hole units can also be custom made to your specifications


  • Internal measurements approximately 275W x 160H x 290D
  • Option A –  900L x 1500H x 300D
  • Option B – 1200L x 1500H x 300D
  • Option C – 2400L x 600H x 300D
  • Option D – 2400L x 800H x 300D

Custom options

  • Can be made to your specifications

Colours available

Educated colours

(available at special prices)

Standard colours